Fitster5 represents the generation of fitness hipsters! The idea is to make your workout more effective & interesting through our wide range of fitness & accessories products.

We at Fitster5 are passionate about creating exciting new products & experience across spectrum for all you fitness enthusiasts, runners, crossfitters & bodybuilders.

Brand Story

Fitster5 is founded by two young entrepreneurs and influenced by
millennial Fitness Enthusiasts,
who have embraced innovative fitness lifestyles & have pushed the boundaries
to overcome their fitness challenges. Fitness and taking care of your
health is becoming a necessity across the globe.
Fitster5 provides creative solutions to various fitness challenges
faced by today's generation, which are unique in itself.
Understanding the global trend and collaborating with
various Indian as well as international Product Designers,
we bring life to our products with the help of the global supply chain.

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